In-Store Experiences

Let your piercing & welding obsession begin at our Berlin Pop-up.

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In-Store Experiences

Let your piercing, tattoo, welding & engraving obsession begin in one of our studios in London, Leeds & Manchester.

We totally understand that getting any service in a store can be intimidating (and a little scary) but one of our trained & trusted team are here to help with any of your questions - you’re in safe hands with us.

More than just a jewellery brand, we are a movement on a mission to revolutionise the jewellery experience.”


Welding may sound scary, but in fact it’s one of the newest and most lavish trends happening right now. A trained jeweller will secure, with a simple welding method, a beautiful and delicate solid gold chain to perfectly fit your wrist - with no sign of a join. These are perfect for a unique gift, to signify “forever” in any relationship (or a new and improved BFF bracelet).


Ummm, did someone say piercing? Add an A&M sparkle to your ears at the most instagrammable studios you've ever seen. Forget intimidating piercing experiences, visit our dreamy stores and our piercers will offer you a consultation prior to your piercing to help you figure out your perfect piercing and jewellery.