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The first step in curating your own ear stack is piercings ~ so it's only natural that we provide them.


The first step in curating your own ear stack is piercings ~ so it's only natural that we provide them.

Come visit our Astrid & Miyu Piercing Studios in the UK, where our team of expert piercers provide comfort & reassurance (meaning getting a piercing will never be scary).

As well as all that, we strive to offer you as much information around piercing as we can. From aftercare to any piercing FAQs you might have, we're here to help with expert advice.

Get the ear stack of your dreams.


The Ear Piercing Bible

Piercing FAQs

No, jewellery is not included in the price. There is an initial 35€ service fee and then the piercing jewellery is additional. Check jewellery prices here.

We recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment. However, dependant on availability we can offer walk-in appointments.

Yes you can reschedule your appointment! However, if you cancel or reshedule your appointment within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment time, you may lose your deposit. If you don't attend your appointment you will lose your deposit.

If you are 16-18 years old you will need to bring a valid ID (either a passport, UK PASS card scheme or driving licence) with you when getting pierced. This is a legal requirement and is needed for insurance purposes. If we think you look under the age of 18 we will ID you, so we advise you to bring along ID just in case. *We do not accept pictures or photocopies of ID

If you are 10-15 years old we can pierce your ears with the permission from a parent or legal guardian, they will have to bring along ID for themselves and the minor. The adult will have to do the consent form. If the guardians' surname is different to child's, we require a birth certificate or adoption certificate. NO EXCEPTIONS

Age restrictions:

Lobes – 10 years+. Needs to be accompanied by legal guardian. Both guardian and child need a valid ID. In the case of different last names, a birth/adoption certificate must be presented matching the guardian’s name.

Cartilage – 16 years+, ID required (We challenge 25)

ID Requirements:

We only accept government issued ID, no photocopies just the original. e.g Passports, Driving licence.

We cannot pierce you if any of these apply:

• You have taken any blood thinning medication 24 hours beforehand (e.g. Aspirin)
• Taken any recreational drugs or alcohol in the 24 hours beforehand
• If you're pregnant or breastfeeding
• You must have eaten in the last 4 hours before getting your ears pierced, to avoid feeling ill or faint
•Health conditions such as Epilepsy will require a doctors note, please contact us at for more information

Minimum healing time for lobe reconstruction is 6 months depending on what the scars look like. The piercer might refuse the procedure, if they think the scars are too fragile to support a viable piercing.

Our specific collection consists of both studs and hoops, however please be aware that hoops may delay healing time. You cannot get pierced using other styles on our website unfortunately due to the material and size. Piercing jewellery is either made from Titanium 14K Solid Gold.

We can only pierce with jewellery from our piercing collection. We do have a 15% discount off all our other collections when you get your ears pierced.

The total amount of piercings you can have during one appointment is 3. This can be a combination of lobe and cartilage, however only ever two cartilage piercings in one appointment on the same ear.

Yes, this is fine but there can be some extra healing risks involved if flying within a week of the piercing, please inform the store on the day.

Click here to check out our Piercing Aftercare Guide for caring for your piercing as you cannot swim with when your piercing is still new.

We have jewellery to suit all genders and preferences.

We are unable to pierce your conch using a hoop. This is due to the healing process. After a few months, you can then change your stud to a ring if you wish. Pop into the store and we can do this for you with one of our other styles.

We have specific styles of hoops for the daith, this is dependent upon consultation, as everyone’s daith is different.

At this current time you cannot buy our piercing jewellery without getting a piercing.

This is possible dependant on the condition of your old piercing. Scar tissue varies by person and how you were originally pierced. Please consult with one of our piercers in store.

This is very common with a piercing. An ear piercing can take anything up to a whole year to fully heal. Continue to use the aftercare solution and be careful not to knock the piercing to cause more irritation. The worst thing to do is to remove the jewellery as this can allow an infection to occur. Everyone heals differently but minimum healing time for lobe piercings is up to 6 months and 1 year for cartilage piercings. These can get irritated even when fully healed if this happens, we recommend going back to your piercing care routine until it calms.

Changing your piercing is all dependent on how your piercing is healing. We recommend waiting at least 8 weeks for lobe piercings. For cartilage, unless downsizing for healing purposes we advise to wait until the piercing is fully healed before changing the jewellery which could be up to 1 year after the piercing. Once this time has passed you are fine to change your jewellery. If you are unsure please contact us or come visit us in-store. We advise that you pop in to see one of our piercers to change any cartilage piercings.

We can only pierce one person per appointment.

Dependant on how long you’ve had your piercing will decide on what action to take. If it is a reasonably fresh piercing, try not to wait longer then 24 hours to visit one of our piercers. This is subject to vary on a case by case basis as each person heals differently. In the case you’ve had your piercing for the required healing time, you may be able to replace the piercing with an existing piece of jewellery from your own collection.

You can book a Jewellery Change via our website. We currently only offer this service on our own jewellery.

Best to keep the original post in and put a plaster on it as changing to another jewellery can cause the hole to shrink down, please contact customer care to book in a replacement.

At A&M we take our customer’s privacy and right to data protection very seriously and we are committed to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations. We aim to apply the most appropriate physical and technical measures, including staff training and awareness. Our studio provides services which require us to collect and store data. This is a requirement from the local council and our insurers and needs to be stored for a minimum of three years.

As a normal part of our services at A&M we collect and hold your personal data such as your name, address, telephone number, email address as well as some medical information. We do not make any of your details available to any unauthorised persons or businesses such as direct-mail or other marketing companies. The physical data collected on customer consent forms is stored in a safe manner which prevents unauthorised staff, members of the public or other businesses from being able to access, copy or share any of your personal data.

Astrid and Miyu and all the piercers are fully licensed and registered with the local council for all the work we carry out. We pride ourselves in our strict compliance with all health and safety regulations and are proud to exceed all minimum requirements set by the council. We are also fully insured for ourselves and our clients.

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